2 am cyber-dimensional analysis


Que music

.cyber community 

ch'mon bro

_mid-fi synth-wave, slow-motion funk                                         Hybrid Pair

but first-- It goes G - C- G- A7 - D7 - then back to G.
On some parts he skips the A7.


andrew birds got mad whistling skills I know

driving through the mountains

uh heard it on the radio

fact or fiction?

antique store

More salt..less pepper         ?

Déjàvu (don't know about this)

T'is the season..Santa makes lift off @ 0:47 its ok because of Crimmus

pop about face

v is for vann           ...hm

Easy Absorption 


slow down

with that, you know what I'm talking about...                                                                                                                               HEYYOUDON SAYTHAT

You Remember This?!

don't hate it


I dont have what you want junkie...

YOU..over THERE...i have you want

uhn uhn..Ssss..Aaaa..Ffff..Eeee..Tttt..Yyyy


fly farm what?

oh, here comes double trouble

I miss that lady we should go see if she still works in the cafeteria... freaking spicy chicken tuesdays





bumbumbumdadadundundundudundundunah wook wsh wook wsh woosh bow dow

easy listening for hard times

yeah that's a tush hahahah                                             ...?

throw your headphones on fool and look away


alter egos?

slo mo to that shit later

December 2nd 2011

it was like a switch was flipped.

my turn brotherin

something to kick it to man, its all gravy

"I don't know if you guys can see this yet, but the full moon is behind you. You'll see it soon." - John Butler [AllGood 2011]

They'll see it soon.

You again? You look.. ...different.

...oh tits...ellipses as discourse markers

Bring it back


What would Beethoven think about this? "those bastards."

        Initiate Slow motion walk @ 1:08 yup

If I was batman I'd suit up to this song...

Bustin out of the cave in my bat-mobile @ 0:45....just saying....Don't act you wouldn't

0:34~Hello Mr. Jones ...damn dude needed this

Kick it
Wwhyy whyy why why whyyy?

yeah starting December off right...

Get yo money!

oh really? how deep does this rabbit hole go?                                                                                                                  Zen Death Squad

Mood swing BITCH...Take it back

Finals...Shminals...Its all gravy

Coffee and a Cigarette...8am.


Bonnaroo 2010 - yeah you're so cool.

Start off your month of December with something good

needed that.

an oompa loompa just came out of my computer screen and gave me a golden ticket.

eh...I know its just that the tune reminds me of the 90's.

Benevento/Russo Duo

bffs for life!  aw shucks.

can't go wrong with El Ten Eleven or Alex Tramble